marlian braun

Sexual Wellness and Energy Healing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Due to COVID-19, I'm currently only offering online sessions.

Are you experiencing erectile difficulties? The pain of past sexual trauma? Frigidity? Inability to orgasm? Anxiety?

Contact me and let me know what you're dealing with if you'd like my help with these common problems.

A little about me: I'm a sexual wellness professional and energy healer and have been working one-on-one since 2009 in-person and online.

Please read the testimonials below to understand a little about me from my clients.

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What clients say about me
Great experience! Marli is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She really cares about her client's well being and needs. She is open-minded and her approach is very gentle and refreshing. I am looking forward to my next session.
anonymous - sexological bodywork
I’ve been dealing with a spinal cord injury for a number of years and I first came to see Marli to help with healing my injury and soon found that the sessions were not only helping my injury heal but also that they were helping me heal in all areas of my life and I have a much more positive and relaxed outlook on life. My injury has improved considerably and I feel much more at peace. I highly recommend Marli to anyone seeking help with a physical injury.
D.G. - sexological bodywork & energy healing
I was fortunate to cross paths with Marli while I was enduring a huge transition in my life. I was unsure about the future and angry about things in my past. Marli showed me a better way of looking at things and encouraged me to let go of the past which was a true blessing and changed the fear into excitement. She always has a fresh perspective and outlook and I recommend her to anyone in a rut who needs a fresh start!
Brad Lukowich, 2 time Stanley Cup Winner, retired NHL player-energy healing
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