marlian braun

Sexual Wellness and Energy Healing

Helping people heal since 2009.

Currently on leave and unavailable.

Energy Medicine (Brennan Healing Science)

Somatic Sexology | Kundalini Yoga

What clients say about me
Marli provides a tremendously safe and judgment-free space in which to navigate all of my anxious feelings, fears, trauma, and more. I didn’t think it was possible for me to change, but through Marli’s amazing intuition, acceptance, compassion, and presence as a practitioner, I’m in a wonderful place and have been able to feel more pleasure than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Marli to anyone who is open and honest and willing to look deep within themselves. She is masterful.
age 45, NYC, USA
I waited several years before beginning this process and I’m so grateful to have found Marli. She is a caring professional who really takes the time to get to know you and understand your concerns. With her coaching, I started to see results immediately and this momentum has continued with each session. In less than a month, I've gone from feeling closed-off and demoralized to open-minded and liberated. Thank you!
age 45, Edmonton, Canada
Great experience! Marli is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She really cares about her client's well-being and needs. She is open-minded and her approach is very gentle and refreshing. I am looking forward to my next session.
age 48, Calgary, Canada